Parties and private classes

We are ready to bring more diversity and fun to your fitness routine, and to satisfy your special requests. Pole Station studio supports any manifestation of creativity and together we can always benefit from more movement.

Bachelorette party

Even if pole dance is an athletic discipline, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Are you planing a bachelorette party, Girls night out or may be looking for ideas to celebrate your birthday, graduation? Private party at our pole dance studio is a great way to spend your time with your friends and to make your event unforgetable. You can book our scenario pole party or propose your own ideas to us.


Everything that doesn’t have a place at regular classes will be taught as a workshop. At our 90 minute workshop, you will meet guest instructors and participate in experimental classes. You will also acquire new techniques and skills. All of the workshops at the studio will be announced in advance in the schedule and through the studio’s social media accounts.

Private classes

If you prefer to practice face-to-face with an instructor or you cannot take sheduled classes, you can ask for private or semi-private classes. Take advantage of this option if you have special requests, want to create a dance routine for a performance or need to boost your progress on the pole.