POLE FIT | Pole Station Dance Studio


Pole Fit classes is a good combination of strength and cardio. At these classes you will be taught pole from simple spins to dynamic combinations and exciting drops at spinning and on static pole.
To ensure the gradual progress, classes at Pole Station are divided by levels. To reach the best results, every level has a predetermined training program with a set of moves for each week. This means that all the classes at your level will work on the same several moves during the week, so you have enough time to understand a move and to perfect it. The list of moves will change every week, so if you don’t get the move during this week – don’t worry, we will come back to it later.
From your first classes in pole dancing, you will master spinning pole as well as static pole.


Intro level is your first step at Pole Station, if you’ve never taken a pole classes before. You will be introduced to the basics of pole dancing. We will learn grip variations, pole safety, basic positions, simple spins and transitions.


Once you feel comfortable with basic spins, it’s time to to get higer on the pole and to see the world upside down with inversions.


Now that the terms «inside arm» and «back leg» make more sense to you, Intermediate pole class brings more flexibility and strength to your routine and includes numerous transitions between each move.


This level is more acrobatic. You will learn flips, drops, deadlifts and many other things. This level is limited only by your dedication and the athletic goals that you would like to pursue.