Off-The-Pole | Pole Station Dance Studio


No matter what you choose – to dance or to do acrobatic and power moves on the pole; off-the-pole classes will help you reach your goals faster. Our dance studio offers you an excellent combination of classes which are dedicated to build a solid foundation for a productive training regime by developing your body awareness and by engaging your whole body in different types of physical activity.


This class prepares your body for work on the pole. A mix of pole and off-pole exercises strengthen your muscles, improves your grip and increases endurance. This will make you feel more confident and powerful on the pole.


Aims to develop flexibility in your legs, back and shoulders. This class includes intensive warm-up with preparatory exercises, deep stretching of splits, straddle and back bridge – everything you need to accomplish all these beautiful and impressive pole and dance moves.

Ballet barre

Good posture is an integral part of dancing, it helps you look graceful on the pole as well as in your daily life. With a combination of isometric training and small range of motion movements, barre engages an anormous amount of muscles in the work. Regular practices will give you core and leg strength, straight back, pointed toes and awareness about body positions in dance.